TriYoga Workshops – Summer 2016

Please join me for a perfectly paced practice of TriYoga® Flows!

Basics in Gate.ed

Sunday July 10     Free the Hips     2-5pm

This workshop focuses on postures and flows that free tension in the hips to create greater health and vitality in the pelvis, hips, legs, feet and toes. As physical tensions release, the subtle energy begins to flow, bringing us into a deeply peaceful and joyful state.

Sunday July 31     Free the Spine     2-5pm

Focusing on the wave-like spinal movements that are unique to TriYoga, this workshop will increase strength, flexibility and health in the spine, chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. TriYoga flows release blocks in our subtle energy pathways (the nadis, similar to chi in acupuncture or qi in qigong) allowing the energy to flow unimpeded.

Sunday August 14     Salutations     2-5pm

Surya Namaskar is a traditional Sun Salutation, and an advanced practice. TriYoga has many Salutations, starting in Basics and moving up to advanced levels. Salutations awaken, strengthen and tone the entire body. Salutations honor the light within, and awaken the inner knowing to one’s True Nature.

One Workshop – $35
Two Workshops – $65
Three Workshops – $95


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