TriYoga – Stillness and Calm at a Busy Farmers’ Market


TriYoga Indiana PA was at the Community Tent at the Indiana County Farmers’ Market this past Saturday, July 23, and we had such a great time!

What was most amazing to all of us was how profound the beautiful inner calm and expansive peace that we feel in the TriYoga Flows was.  The contrast between this blissful inner state and the outer environment is often not so dramatic in the middle of a quiet yoga studio or space.  But amidst the happy bustle of the busy Farmers’ Market, it was quite striking, and yet Continue reading

TriYoga Indiana PA T-shirts – Order Now!

Now that we know how beautiful and affordable and flattering these shirts are, we are giving you all the option to choose your own colors!

Tina.Side Warrior


We are offering both long-sleeved and short-sleeved T-shirts again from Onno, in their beautiful soft 70/30 bamboo/cotton blend.  The color of the lettering and logos will be a golden yellow again, similar to Tina’s shirt above.

Cost will be $18.50 for each short-sleeved shirt and $22.50 for each long-sleeved. Do not order on the Onno site, as we can get this substantial discount if our printer orders a minimum of 48 shirts.

Color options for men and women are different, and color options for long-sleeved and short-sleeved are different as well:  See color choices here:

Women’s Short-Sleeved          Women’s Long-Sleeved

Men’s Short-Sleeved               Men’s Long-Sleeved

Printing will begin after I receive the minimum for a discounted order, so choose your sizes, sleeve lengths and colors, and email Julie to order!

Kaliji’s visit to Central PA, summer 2016

Happy TriYoga Indiana FLOWers after a Level Two program with Yogini Kaliji.

From left to right: Alaina Petrillo, Tina Midock Gresh, Julie DiDomenico, KALIJI, Gita/Julie Means, Eric Bonazza, Susan Comfort.


Yogini Kaliji, founder of TriYoga, led a four-day weekend program with the TriYoga community of Central PA. FLOWers and friends from all over Pennsylvania, upstate NY and as far away as Chicago gathered to enjoy a great program of Yogaflow®, TriYoga Therapeutics, Prana Vidya, jnana, and satsanga, all accompanied by Kaliji’s sweet and inspiring humor and grace. Thanks to TYC director Theresa Shay and the fantastic community team for their flawless organization, thoughtful arrangements and beautiful ambience.

Leg Stretch – Time-out for an Achey Back

Do you need a time-out from your busy day? Just 5 or 6 minutes to chill and clear your mind? Here’s a simple sweet stretch that also helps to relax an achey back!

Leg Stretch is one of the best things we can do for low back pain!

You will need:
A blanket, yoga mat or just a soft carpet
A strap – bathrobe tie, yoga or martial arts strap, or in a pinch, a couple of men’s ties knotted together
– For extra sweetness, a small pillow or folded towel

Me in Leg Stretch edited

How to do Leg Stretch:
Lie on your back on your blanket or mat or carpet with your knees bent. Continue reading