TriYoga is amazing! Every week I leave there feeling like a million bucks!! Julie is an outstanding instructor as well. I was new to yoga when I started & because of her, I have improved greatly & will continue to do so. Highly recommend!!! You will love it too!!

– Chris

TriYoga is an enlightening and healing practice for me, both physically and emotionally. Julie encourages and challenges me to be in-tune with myself, and she does this by emitting a kind and comfortable energy.

– Sheila

I have always taken yoga classes when visiting other areas. Without question, Julie is the most capable, conscientious and committed instructor. Julie is relentless is helping her students achieve their very best, keeping them safe and making them strong. Julie truly cares about each one of us and enjoys our progress.

– Millie

Practicing TriYoga with Julie twice a week provides me with time to forget the details of my life and allows me to let go of stress and frustration… And, at the end of class, everything looks a whole lot better!

– Mary Grace

Julie’s gentle grace and inner calm are generous gifts to her students along with her beautiful yoga flows and extensive knowledge of yoga.

– Carole B

Julie’s TriYoga® classes are incredibly centering. I leave feeling refreshed, strengthened, and energized.

– Kirsten

I appreciate TriYoga for its gentle wavelike motion, gentle flows, and emphasis on alignment and breath. The sequencing builds core strength over time and doesn’t push students to go past their capabilities. TriYoga has improved my focus and prevented painful sciatica from recurring. Julie is a patient and inspiring teacher and very knowledgeable.

– Brenda

Gita (Julie) has a tremendous understanding for each of her students. She accepts each student where they are in the practice and gently shows them where they need to go and with continuous encouragement. Taking TriYoga is a commitment and with this commitment, you will reap so many benefits!

– Susan

I have been feeling so good since our last TriYoga workshop, physically, emotionally and I just wanted to say thank you because if it weren’t for you I would never feel the way I do now! It’s awesome!

– Alaina

I am extremely fortunate to have found Julie’s TriYoga classes. I have been practicing TriYoga with her for over nine years. Through her guidance, I have experienced increased strength, flexibility, and the ability to deal better with the stresses of everyday life. I highly recommend TriYoga to anyone, regardless of age, looking to enhance their physical and emotional well-being.

– Janice

I have been practicing TriYoga with Julie Means for about 4 to 5 years. Julie is a wonderful instructor who really pays attention to all her students. She stresses how important it is to do the yoga poses correctly and she quickly gives you her personal attention to achieve this objective. She does this for all students whether you are a beginner or have been practicing
for years. She is eager to answer any question as well as to help you get the most out of your practice.

I feel this form of yoga can benefit all ages and I can say with great certainty that it has helped me immensely in staying flexible and healthier. The older I get the happier I am that I am practicing TriYoga with Julie. We are very blessed indeed to have an instructor like Julie here in Indiana PA.

– Cathy

TriYoga® is yoga ballet performed by flexible, physically strong, focused and relaxed ballerinas. The postures/flows are challenging, but the results are incredible.

– Beverly

Julie Means is an exceptional teacher of a graceful method of yoga practice. She is keenly tuned in to how a body works and is thoughtful in her ability to respond to each student’s needs during yoga class. TriYoga is strengthening, calming and increases flexibility for me unlike other styles of yoga.

– Barb

I started my Tri-Yoga journey three years ago; unable to even touch the floor, let alone ‘relax’ and ‘meditate!’ Initially, after my first Basics class I thought, “I don’t think this is for me.” I wasn’t sweating; I wasn’t exhausted; where was the work out? I have always played sports, and so for me, exercising meant unable-to –breathe, sweating-all-over cardio. However, I decided to keep with it…and boy, am I glad! TriYoga has been the greatest investment I have ever made. It has completely revolutionized my mind and my body. TriYoga has taught me how to breathe, how to accept, how to surrender, how to let go, and how to be grateful. I am so very thankful for Gita (Julie), who guides me through my TriYoga journey with her beautiful and plentiful wisdom.

As in life, no yoga journey is the same. Everyone learns, experiences, and realizes, on different levels and at different times. BUT, if one dedicates oneself to the voyage, surrenders to the flow, and allows their ship to set sail, the view will be just magical.

– Tina

TriYoga® flow feels like a dance. As you settle on your mat, you quickly learn under Julie’s quiet and peaceful direction that the dance is your own.

– Ronnie

Since I started TriYoga my lower back problems have completely resolved. I found TriYoga after trying numerous treatments (physical therapy, cortisone, anti-inflammatory) for chronic lower back problems. After starting TriYoga, I had almost instant relief for my back troubles. Julie was amazing at helping me tailor the practice to my particular needs. When I started, my muscles were tight and often in spasms. With patience and kindness, Julie guided me and this practice has ultimately changed my life. I am forever grateful for Julie and the practice of TriYoga.

– Kim

TriYoga is truly the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It has a calming effect on my emotions and my soul….It energizes and strengthens my body…and it also soothes my body. Julie is a fantastic teacher. She is truly concerned about her students. She comes to know each student and his/her own unique needs and personalities. She carefully and gently guides students to improve their practice by helping each person to assume poses and flows correctly. She encourages students to improve and dig deeper to get the most for themselves from the experience. Her teaching methods are very student-friendly and contribute significantly to the success of her TriYoga classes. I’m very grateful to have found her. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking to improve their wellbeing to seriously consider TriYoga with Julie Means here in Indiana, PA.

– Bernadette

I have had chronic low back pain for over 20 years. Then I tried TriYoga with Julie. My quality of life changed dramatically within the first few months. I actually have pain-free periods and when I do have pain it is mostly reduced and I can treat it myself with yoga. Given my age and the chronic nature of my condition this may be the closest I will ever get to a “cure.” I don’t care how good or how bad your current physical condition is, TriYoga with Julie will significantly improve your life. I wish I had met Julie sooner.

– Greg

I LOVE Indiana TriYoga, having known Gita (Julie) for many years now. She is very knowledgeable in the yoga field. She knows exactly what your body needs to get the most out of a posture, with a gentle touch and a soft voice!

– Mairi

Julie is one of the most amazing and inspiring yoga teachers that I know! She has the ability to gently lead any student, regardless of his or her ability, to their own edge and gently coax them to explore that edge while holding a space of non-judgement and compassion. She is able to see exactly what each person needs from yoga on any given day, and she is able do this with an entire room of students as well. Julie embodies TriYoga through her teaching, her lifestyle and her being.

– Carol

I love TriYoga! Gita (Julie) demonstrates and teaches TriYoga with knowledge and expertise. I am so grateful for her!

– Rebecca

Thank you so much for encouraging me to try your class. I just loved it. I just loved your manner of teaching and the moves. I took one other yoga class in my life and I really enjoyed TriYoga.

– Lisa C

Julie is a quiet, soothing, and supportive teacher. TriYoga® with Julie is a wonderful experience. It helps me relax, relieves stress, and is very strengthening to my body.

– Laura

I started beginner’s TriYoga with Julie when I was a PhD candidate at IUP. Julie surveyed our needs and skillfully matched our Yoga program to suit our needs. We had a strong group of about 11 students who attended nearly every class, and it was like we became one moving body as Julie led us through the meditative, as well as, strengthening flows. Julie explains the moves thoroughly and via her own examples and practice. She is so well-conditioned that she gave me something to strive for. I highly recommend Julie and TriYoga!

– Martha

Gita (Julie) has shared with me her wealth of knowledge about TriYoga including breath, alignments, and cues but also insight into my personality that appeared during the flows. But her soft, gentle presence has gone far beyond the mat. She has helped me grow and discover my true self and purpose.

– Julie

Julie is one of the best TriYoga® teachers that I have received instruction from. Her instruction is a perfect combination of invigorating flows, attention to detail and calm abiding. My life has been deeply transformed by her instruction. I feel lighter, stronger, clearer and calmer now than ever before.

– Matt

Due to practicing TriYoga® I have experienced greater well being, better flexibility in all body joints, and other health improvements

– Carole

I have been doing various types of yoga on and off for 15 years before I started TriYoga with Julie. What I can see with TriYoga is that it is systematic; there’s a very clear method of teaching the basics of postures, the flows of the movements, and how to use the breath. In addition to reducing stress and helping me to be really present in my life, I have much more physical strength; my posture is much better; and the lower back and neck problems I used to have are entirely gone. The combination of such a systematic kind of yoga – TriYoga – and a very skilled and dedicated teacher have totally changed my life!

– Lisa P

Julie is an excellent teacher who creates a very comfortable and supportive environment. She helps you to grow and improve at your own pace. My fibromyalgia is much improved, with muscle tone, balance, and confidence that I never had before.

– Steve

I love TriYoga! I smile more than ever; my body, mind and spirit are stronger; and I feel more confident in my life. I tell everyone – family, old and new friends, even strangers, about TriYoga!

– Katy