Kaliji’s visit to Central PA, summer 2016

Happy TriYoga Indiana FLOWers after a Level Two program with Yogini Kaliji.

From left to right: Alaina Petrillo, Tina Midock Gresh, Julie DiDomenico, KALIJI, Gita/Julie Means, Eric Bonazza, Susan Comfort.


Yogini Kaliji, founder of TriYoga, led a four-day weekend program with the TriYoga community of Central PA. FLOWers and friends from all over Pennsylvania, upstate NY and as far away as Chicago gathered to enjoy a great program of Yogaflow®, TriYoga Therapeutics, Prana Vidya, jnana, and satsanga, all accompanied by Kaliji’s sweet and inspiring humor and grace. Thanks to TYC director Theresa Shay and the fantastic community team for their flawless organization, thoughtful arrangements and beautiful ambience.

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